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31# The second stage of the roasting is called the "cinnamon stage" because of the magical smell that is distributed at this time. The peel of the beans dehydrates and the color begins to change from green to light brown.)
32# Coffee from Brazil is characterized by a full round body, with refined sweetness and walnut. It gives the mixtures flavors of caramel and chocolate.
33# Indonesian coffee has a strong and rich body, and adds to the mix of presence and strength.
34# One serving of espresso requires about 42 beans of coffee, which are actually the seeds of fruit growing on the coffee bush, also called coffee cherries.
35# Coffee from Guatemala is characterized by summer freshness, with hints of caramel and sweet tonic.
36# The coffee of Papua New Guinea is characterized by unusual wildness, with delicate acidity in apple tones.
37# Eastern African coffee is characterized by fruity, wild and rich flavors and gives fresh and mischievous coffee blends.

AVA Group Quality Coffee since 1941

Israel’s espresso revolution begins in a small shop redolent with the aroma ofroasting coffee in Palmer Square in Haifa. The legendary store, whose name was known far and wide, was a magnet for members of the Jewish Yishuv, and quickly become a mecca for enthusiasts of fine quality coffee. It was in this store that Otto and Aharon carried out their vision to become Israel’s center of coffee knowledge,and to promote aculture of coffee connoisseurship in the nascent country - with never-ending passion, fastidiousness and attention to detail.It is this attention to the tiniest details that still guides AVA today.

Coffee is much more than a drink

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AVA. A World of Coffee.

As a company at the forefront of the coffee industry, AVA provides customers with a comprehensive solution for all their needs:

Consultation and installation of professional coffee machines, a variety of coffee accessories and complementary products for restaurants and coffee shops, training of baristas, quality control for its coffee products and nationwide customer support.

It all begins with the tiny details

In the spirit of the founder’s vision, over the years AVA has deepened its knowledge of the finest coffee sources and the contribution of each variety to the final flavor of each blend.

It is this accumulated knowledge that today enables AVA’s professionals to source and import the best coffee crops from five selected growing regions around the world, from which AVA creates its unique coffee blends, flavored coffee, organic coffee, date coffee and more.

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A blend of tradition and progress

Over the years, the little store in Haifa has been replaced by the new complex reflectingAVA’sstatus in the Israeli coffee market.

The complex features an advanced roasting plant, combining tradition and progress,whose centerpiece is an Italian roasting machine built in 1940. This unique machine, integrating manufacturing systems and computer controlled, grants AVA’s coffee blends it distinctive character,identifiable in every batch.

AVA’s complex houses its corporate headquarters, including its laboratories where the different blends are created and where taste trials are conducted, a training academy for those involved in the coffee business, a logistics center and technical service network that operates around the clock supplying thousands of AVA’s customers with quality coffee, well-balanced flavors and wonderful aromas.


Coffee processing methods in Brazil, growersin the heart of Colombia's rainforests, the unique climate of Guatemala,Jamaica's ancient coffee plantations, the mysterious coffee picker in Indonesia ...

at AVA Coffee we bring you the finest coffee beans grown on selected farms with a long and distinguished tradition of quality crops. Our coffee beans are cultivated in the ideal geography and topography, receive dedicated and professional care, are picked with exquisite timing and sent directly to us, under optimal and controlled conditions. Together this ensures that the flavor and vitality of the selected beans will be expressed, intensely, in each of the dozens of coffee blends we produce.

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