At AVA Coffee, we believe it’s the small details that create the difference between coffee as a beverage and coffee as a passion.  We know that the consummate coffee experience can occur only when the knowledge, experience and precision manufacturing processes come together perfectly, with careful selection of raw materials, respecting tradition, deep familiarity of the Israeli market and its particular preferences, and of course, an authentic love for the world of coffee.

The art of preparing a blend

Each and every day at AVA Coffee we recreate the traditional art of making coffee, that has characterized what we do for 75 years. AVA's production system exemplifies the rare combination of tradition, knowledge and progress. We use an Italian coffee roasting machine from Scolari manufactured in 1940 that creates coffee blends with unique roasting profiles and captivating aromas and flavors based on selected coffee beans coming from coffee sources chosen by AVA. A computerized control system in the production hall ensures that each coffee blend, batch to batch, maintains a uniform and stable roasting profile that ensures an exceptional and distinctive coffee experience, perfectly suited to the Israeli palate.

The people behind the success

AVA’s winning team is professional, creative and driven by an insatiable passion and love affair with world of coffee.

We see each of the company's customers as the center of what we do. We invest considerable resources in carefully studying every detail of your requirements.

We can continue to surprise and excite you with flavored coffee blends that become etched in the memory, velvety textures and uncompromising quality.

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