AVA’s Quality & Service Charter

As a leading company in the coffee industry, we view the combination of quality products and professional support we provide, both as the foundation for long-term relationships with our customers, and as a tool that allows us to give you the perfect service experience. These are based on our decades-long service principles:

  • Giving a professional and thoughtful response to any matter, at any time

  • Respecting legal and ethical frameworks and acting with integrity, honesty and reliability

  • Treating each customer with the utmost courtesy and respect

  • Safeguarding the privacy of our customers and our communications with them

  • Listening to our customers with a genuine willingness to help

  • Handling each task with the attention and resources it deserves

Supporting you at ever link in the coffee chain.
Coffee is, first and foremost, a sheer pleasure. To ensure you get the most from our knowledge, experience and products for your restaurant or cafe, we accompany you personally throughout every step of the coffee chain:
We provide professional advice from defining and tailoring the specific needs of your coffee machine
We install your coffee machine in your cafe or restaurant and provide 24/7 technical support
We professionally train your baristas and servers
We quality audit the coffee you serve your customers
We provide you regularly with blends of the highest quality coffee that have undergone quality control and rigorous taste tests of AVA’s espresso experts.
At AVA Coffee, our Charter is more than words.
Here at AVA Coffee, we invest considerable resources to engage with our customers, anywhere, anytime, through three levels of service:

Account Manager

Your AVA account manager accompanies you personally, serves as your address for service and quality assurance, and is responsible for training your restaurant or café staff.

Personal Customer Service Representative

Have a question? Need to resolve a problem or malfunction? Your personal representative at AVA’s customer service call center offers a prompt and courteous response to a variety of topics: scheduling delivery of coffee blends, supply of coffee machines, technical support for coffee machines and more.

National Support Syetem

Our skilled technicians live and breathe coffee, and are ready to provide efficient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the country in order to ensure your coffee blends arrive on the dates agreed with you in advance.

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