Coffee is much more than a drink.
It’s a delicious blend of taste and heritage
A never-ending passionwith attention to the fine details


The story of AVA Quality Coffee Options Ltd., is a tale of close friendships between people who share a true love for everything that is coffee. It’s a story which began with the late Auto Reiner and Aharon Feldheim, pioneers of espresso coffee in pre-State Israel. It is a story that is still being written today by AVA and its customers.

AVA Group - Quality Coffee since 1941

Israel’s espresso revolution begins in a small shop redolent with the aroma of roasting coffee in Palmer Square in Haifa. The legendary store, whose name was known far and wide, was a magnet for members of the Jewish Yishuv, and quickly become a mecca for enthusiasts of fine quality coffee. It was in this store that Auto and Aharon carried out their vision to become Israel’s center of coffee knowledge, and to promote a culture of coffee connoisseurship in the nascent country - with never-ending passion, fastidiousness and attention to detail. It is this attention to the tiniest details that still guides AVA today.

AVA. A World of Coffee

As a company at the forefront of the coffee industry, AVA provides customers with a comprehensive solution for all their needs: consultation and installation of professional coffee machines, a variety of coffee accessories and complementary products for restaurants and coffee shops, training of baristas and servers, as well as quality control for its coffee products through researchers to nationwide customer support.

It all begins with the tiny details

In the spirit of the founder’s vision, over the years AVA has deepened its knowledge of the finest coffee sources and the contribution of each variety to the final flavor of each blend. It is this accumulated knowledge that today enables AVA’s professionals to source and import the best coffee crops from five selected growing regions around the world, from which AVA creates its unique coffee blends. Painstaking attention to every aspect of the production process and continuous striving for excellence, has always formed part of the AVA Group’s DNA, allowing it to produce coffee solutions individually tailored to its customers, while at the same time delighting its customers with unique premium blends loved by the Israeli palate – for a sublime coffee experience that comes alive with every sip.


Over the years, the little store in Haifa has been replaced by the new complex reflecting AVA’s status in the Israeli coffee market.

The complex features an advanced roasting plant, combining tradition and progress, whose centerpiece is an Italian roasting machine built in 1940. This unique machine, integrating manufacturing systems and computer controlled, grants AVA’s coffee blends it distinctive character, identifiable in every batch.

AVA’s complex houses its corporate headquarters, including its laboratories where the different blends are created and where taste trials are conducted, a training academy for those involved in the coffee business, a logistics center and technical service network that operates around the clock supplying thousands of AVA’s customers with quality coffee, well-balanced flavors and wonderful aromas.

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